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Why is your company begging you to get Managed IT?

Updated: May 19, 2020


Managed IT is one of the most complex topics discussed today. For me, the easiest way to explain what Managed IT means to you is by talking to you about the human brain, with the brain itself being your business. In the “brain” we have many different tasks, pathways, signals, and data that we manage all of the time. On top of the astounding amount of information that it is already being processed by the brain, we must remember a few key things to keep our brain protected and in optimal condition. Actions such as wearing a helmet, taking vitamins, doing puzzles to improve memory, and meditation promote healthy brain function.

What if you had been avoiding the Doctor for years and when you finally went to the Doctor you were diagnosed with a possibly terminal illness? What if this professional told you that you your illness wouldn’t be terminal if you had came to the Doctor sooner? What if he said you must start treatment right away? Would you follow through with treatment? Would you ignore it until it gets detrimental enough that you’re forced to go to the Emergency room to be hospitalized? All of these scenarios can be relatable to your business. If you don’t have managed IT then you are, in theory, skipping your Dr’s appointments. Your business can get lucky and stay healthy for awhile but eventually without ongoing supervision it will crash like the scenario above.

A few of things that Managed IT supervises are things like:

1. Your network(brain)

2. Router(heart)

3. Wiring (nerves)

4. Power (thyroid)

5. Each employee’s PC (your cells)

6. Anti-virus/ anti-malware(vaccines)

7. Device specifications (your DNA)

8. Physical hardware (your outer body parts)

9. Firewall protection (your immune system)

Your network, just like the human body, can get viruses, ailments, endure physical damage, and can have many imbalances that need to be monitored on a constant basis. That is why we need Doctors to give us guidance and help us to do what’s best for our wellbeing. Managed IT means always having someone there. It means having a knowledge base at your fingertips to help your business succeed. The best part of having a managed IT provider is that while you are paying the equivalent of one seasoned IT tech’s wages, you are receiving numerous seasoned techs, with all different backgrounds, specialties, and strengths. Which makes your success just that much more likely to go above and beyond.

Have you ever had connectivity issues and had to wait in order to get back to business as usual? That downtime is lost productivity, lost money, and a big headache. With managed IT you do not have to worry about your network. In fact, you do not have to worry about anything other than growing your business and keeping your customers happy. That is because with Managed IT, we do the worrying, testing, and monitoring for you. We perform the necessary upkeep tasks in the background that keep your network from ever even going down in the first place.

The secret to keeping everything in optimal working condition isn’t too difficult for someone that is trained with every aspect of Technology. When it comes to technology not many know how to really manage a Network, all of it’s devices, users, and accounts. They may know “some” of the intricacies, but total knowledge is the only way to ensure proper procedures are being followed in a uniform fashion across the network. These professionals know what is tried and true in the industry so you’re not stuck trying many different applications or procedures. We know what works, and that is what we stick to.

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