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VoIP Updates for IOS

The brand new iOS App has you covered.

  • Take calls

  • chat

  • have face-to-face video meetings

^ @ the home, office, or on the go

Your Next Generation Visual Communicator

At a time like this, you can’t solely rely on your office desk phone. Chances are you’re working from home like the rest of us. Even so, you still need to be able to reach out to your colleagues and customers, via calls, video or chat.

And our new iOS app can do just that!

  • Video Calls – Start face-to-face meetings with your colleagues and web visitors. While calling, tap “Video” to easily switch your call to a one-on-one video meeting.

  • Audio Conference – Need to schedule a conference call? Tap on “Conference” to create and manage conference calls with colleagues and contacts. Participants that you invite to a conference can easily join without the need to install any apps or create any accounts – simply dial-in, enter the conference PIN and start talking!

Improved Notifications to Never Miss a Call

The incoming call and chat notification service has been massively updated. This ensures that you get notified immediately of an incoming call/chat by waking up your device, making this new version much more reliable than the previous one.

Additionally, the re-designed functional layout of the User Interface makes searching contacts much easier and straightforward.

These and more features are available in the new iOS app. Make sure to update your app today and check our blog for more feature highlights, such as Chat and Security.

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