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VoIP Updates For Android

Out now, the new release for the our VoIP Android App improves connectivity, adds multi-file sharing and facilitates contact management. Install or upgrade to the new version and speak, chat and hold video calls for a complete communication experience. Great improvements have also been made on the App’s stability, with a number of usability and bug fixes.

Always Connected

The new App now also uses Tunnel together with the Web Service to initiate/receive calls. In the unlikely event that the Web Service is not accessible, the call can still be executed without interruptions via the app’s integrated Tunnel.

Chat and Share

Now there’s no need to send attachments one by one when chatting. Send multiple files at a go:

  1. Tap the paperclip attachment icon.

  2. Long-press on a document or image file to initiate multi-select mode and tap to choose more attachments

  3. Tap “Select” and send all attachments at once!

Keep Contacts Up-to-date

With the necessary rights applied for your extension, you can now easily edit your organization’s contacts while using the App. This enables you to view and update company-wide contact details on the go, so your colleagues can always access up to date information.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • When using the speakerphone, the app stays on without automatically dimming the display

  • Improvements in connectivity to prevent application failure under some scenarios

  • Lowered the volume level of the recovery tweeter notification, heard when the app disconnects from the PBX during a call.

  • Ask permission for external storage in case of custom ringtone configuration, only when it is needed.

How to Get It

Head on to the Google Play Store to download the new Android App and read our comprehensive Android app user guide for more info on its features and functionality.

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