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Tech Tips for Remote workers going back to the Office

Because of coronavirus, a lot of people were suddenly finding themselves working from home for the first time. Although technology makes this possible, these individuals struggled to adapt to their new "normal" at home. Making the transition from home back to the office can cause severe anxiety and uncertainty. But beyond the technology you've already used in your job on a regular day, how can you use tech to make the transition easier?

Here are a few tech tips, tricks, and hacks that will make transitioning from home to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic easier and a little more fun.


Recreate a “Live” Home Office Environment

While working from home most people used their computers in ways they haven't before. They had found new technological software, features, and support. Just because you are back at the office doesn't mean you have to stop using the software that made you more efficient at home. Not only will you keep up with your newfound efficiency you will have a piece of home with you. Having familiar things around you will help the transition feel less abrupt and cumbersome. If allowed, bring some items from your home office with you while you are transitioning. I know my favorite thing that I've added to my work desk is my essential oil diffuser from my desk at home filled with calming scents.


Share "Home" with your Co-Workers

Most people were able to get some projects done during their time at home. Take this transitioning time to reconnect with your co-workers by sharing what you did while away from the office. You can use your technology to create before and after pictures, progress pictures, or even to make the finished product picture stand out a bit more. Talking about things like home projects, trials, and tribulations will help you to become more comfortable with your surroundings again.


Make Your Calendar More Visible

Going from sitting at home by a computer to jumping back into an office with meetings, deadlines, and other tasks can feel overwhelming. Make sure you have your e-mail calendar synced with your phone and set reminders these events. This helps for you to be prepared and not caught off guard when you realize you suddenly have a meeting with "Patty" in 15 minutes. Some find it useful to make a schedule for when they are at home as well while they are getting back into the groove of communting back and forth.


Block Your Biggest Distractors

While we were working from home we had a bit more freedom than we do in the office. With that freedom we typically found ourselves on social media or reading the news. Possibly, you were like me and found yourself in a constant WebMD search expecting the worst. One of my favorite tech apps is called Self ControI. This app helps me regain productivity by blocking certain sites, apps, or even personal e-mail on a set schedule(or just temporarily). And since it’s open source it has now been adapted for Mac Linux and Windows.


Keep your stress low

Since you have been stuck at home the majority of the time going anywhere can be stressful. I've heard people say that "It feels weird to even be out of my house". That's a harsh reality for a lot of people. Although there are many different stress apps, my favorite is 'HeadSpace' for smartphones. I typically use this on my lunch break to decompress and ground myself. It has everything from stress exercises, soothing music, and guided meditation. Right now they're even offering a free trial to those employed and a free year for unemployed individuals.


The most important tip

The most important tip during possibly one of the most different times in your life is to remember that your co-workers, friends, family members, and even strangers are going through the same thing. You are not the only one experiencing these feelings and you are not alone! From all of us here at Maggard Techs: get out there, stay focused, and stay healthy!

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