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Protecting Your Home PC and Regain Performance

This post is strictly for home PC/Laptops to help fix issues during this time of lockdown. Please do not try these solutions at work as they can cause issues these are recommendations only and MTS does not accept any liability please proceed at your own risk.


Protecting your computer is the first priority and to keep it functioning at the optimal performance you need to remove any virus/malware that can be causing issues.

First, go to and download and install the software. I suggest running your first scan and after it finishes quarantine all the suggested potential hazards and then reboot. I then suggest you run the scan again and then if it finds more issues clean then reboot repeat this process till the scan shows no issues.

Clean Up and Speed

I suggest you go to and download CCleaner and after you do

download and install run the health check and allow it to close any programs needed to do its job then click on custom clean and click run cleaner and finally click registry and click scan for issues then click fix selected issues.

These tips are just a few ways you can help fix issues on your personal computers, I use them on my home computers and many IT professionals use these tools. I would suggest paying for these programs so that its an automated process and will save you time money and headache.

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