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The infamous Network Security

A network is somewhat like beehives. You have your busy little bee’s running around taking information from their hive out into the world and coming back with new, important information for the hive and the rest of your colony. Let’s say that each hive represents a business’s network. The bees must then be your employee’s

While your employees are taking and receiving pertinent information about your business, finances, strategies, customers, and all other information pertaining to your business. The hive, or network, is where all this highly sensitive information is saved to be secured. Your network’s security is one of the most important aspects of your business.

The reason for this is because if your network is not secure, you are at risk for a lot of important data being leaked. Hackers are constantly changing the ways they hack into your information. By the time you hear about a hack on the news it has already affected many people that could possibly include your business and customers.

Although you can be hacked in almost any way, these are the most common reasons:

· Not having a professional E-mail filter

· Lack of Professional Firewall

· Lack of Professional anti-virus/mal-ware software

· Downloading any software

· Having weak passwords on your devices

· Lack of IT consultation & support

· Lack of employee security training

As experts in our field we suggest you take a look at your current security measures in place once a month. While you look into your set security measures, it is imperitive that you teach your employee's about malware, virus, and other security measures. The more informed your employees are, the more chance you have at security success.

But why check my system once a month?

The reason for this is because hackers are always finding different ways to get information and technology is always evolving. Your network security is something you have to stay on top of. Some don't have the time that it takes to ensure a secure network. That is where our company comes in. We can sit down with you and make a security plan based on your business needs and goals. Once the plan is implemented you can just run your business and leave the worrying to us!

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